Thursday, June 10, 2010


Finally, finally, finally, I’m cool enough to have a blog!  No, I don’t take beautiful, artsy photos, bake adorable, miniature cupcakes, or have hilarious stories about the words that spew out of my father’s mouth. Truthfully, I’ve always had a little reserve when it comes to blogs, twitter, and even facebook status updates.  It just seems like the majority of post are self-centered, and frankly, I don’t give a poop about how much your middle-class, cushion-y, mopey, American life sucks.  Is that harsh of me? Probably.  Look at me, I’m venting on the Internet.  You can call me a narcissistic, pro-blogger now! :)
Alright.  Straight to the point. I’m moving to Santiago de Chile!  I can have a travel blog.  Okay, at the soonest, I’m leaving September. Don’t worry, I won’t indulge you in rants or random stuff that no one cares about.  Honestly, I just want to keep you updated and share these soon-to-be adventures.  It’s so much easier to see the hand of God move through your life when you don’t have to spend an hour jogging your memory for moments of divine clarity.
Where am I in this process of becoming an expatriate? Currently, I’m e-mailing back and forth with the director of a TEFL school located in Santiago.  I’ve been informed that the Chilean summer is January through mid-March.  So, I have one of two options. 1. Leave in September, get a few teaching jobs until December and then try to find some other work during the summer (or even come back to the states). 2. Leave in January or February, and be ready to teach in mid-March. Oh, the dilemma!  I apologize to all the Arlingtonians, but I rather dislike the polluted, obese, fast-food-on-every-corner suburb (not the people!!); therefore, I’m leaning towards the first option.  I’ll find out more info in the coming week.
Okay, quick story about “Hola, Biblioteca.”  This is the first thing a professor said to me one morning when I entered the class (some of you TCCers may remember this).  The next person that walked in he referred to as “baño.” So naturally, I chose the latter. Bibioteca is just one of those bizarre words you learn about the second week of highschool Spanish, and almost everyone knows what it means!  Almost like coche bombas (- shout out to Anna Wright!).
I feel like I should end this with an inspirational quote or scripture verse.  But, I’m not. So maybe I’m not a pro-blogger after all.
¡Que Dios los bendiga!

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