Tuesday, June 22, 2010

February, are you really that far away?

My TEFL class starts February the 14th (the singles’ favorite holiday).  I’m leaving the end of January to do some travelling.  Even though I’m leaving a little (4 months) later than originally planned, I cannot express to you how utterly excited I am!  A couple of months ago I was in a Spanish class pondering ways to improve my Spanish, and now I’m officially on my way to South America!  Good bye polluted Arlington, and hello a mi vida nueva.
Couple of finishing points:
  • I don’t plan on posted stupid pooh between now and January; I know you were worried. :)  pssshhh, I would be!
  • I chose tumblr because it seemed easy to post stuff, and it links up to facebook.  So you guys don’t miss a beat of my oh-so amazing life (sarcasm). But I’m kind of having second thoughts.  Is this for just hipsters and/or liberals??? I mean, there’s a blog called “f***yeahabortions.”
  • I will not subscribe to a blog that is hence named “f***yeahfill-in-the-blank.” Mmmmm, just not happening and it’s definitely NOT because I think that my holy-roller blog is any better. Because mine is not better. Anywaysssss….. CHILE, eff yeah!
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