Saturday, August 21, 2010

Financial Goal-MET.

Today, my savings account matches the amount I budgeted to go to Chile.  I have funds to pay for my TEFL class, my plane ticket, a couple weeks of travel, a catastrophic medical problem, and the a few months of living without a job if worse comes to worse.  How did I do it? Oh, it was easy: drugs, sex, and fake id's.  Okay, maybe not. However, I am hardcore (hxc); allow me jog your memory.  Do you doubt?

It makes me sick when anyone flaunts the money they have (or the money that someone else handed over to them).  Literally, it makes me nauseous.  Pass me the pepto, please. So let me tell you that it is irrelevant whether or not I'm rolling in the dough or that I'm bringing home the bacon.  God has graciously blessed me whether I make $5 an hour or $500.  Just as Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, my prayer is that I would do the same with Chile savings, my little baby that I've taken care for too long.

In other news, I plan to run a half marathon before I leave for Amèrica del Sur. We shall see... I'm not very patient. Shocking, right?


LauraSniderPhotography said...

i like your hot pic. lol! love u!

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