Wednesday, September 1, 2010

en[JOY]ing the wait.

Perhaps, you have thought if I had the chance to pack up my bags this very instant, fly to Chile, and start speaking that beautiful language, I would jump on that opportunity like a hungry vampire on a defenseless human (hmmmmm.... True Blood on the brain).  Don't worry, I'm not having second thoughts about moving; I'm still purchasing my plane ticket this month.  However, for as many reasons I have for wanting to leave, I have just as many to be joyful in the time I have left in Arlington.  God is so great!

1. Family- I honestly don't think I could ask for better parents.  They let me live in their house which is a pretty big sacrifice considering my imperfections, they are not all in my bizznizz, and they are very encouraging.  And my lil bro's are becoming cooler each day.

The lil bros.

2. Friends - I don't even know where to start.  I have such a beautiful mosaic of wonderful friends.  Each of you is different and talented. You guys love me when I don't deserve it, call me out when I'm being a poophead, endure my occasional dramatics but frequent abnormalities, and make me laugh until my sides want to bust.

3. Nanny-ing - This is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the caramel drizzle on your frappicino, whatever floats your boat.  Flexible nanny schedule for a sweetheart stay-at-home mom with two cute boys. It's something new everyday. love {love} LOVE. Did I mention I love this job?  Realistically speaking, part of the reason I can appreciate this is that I know it is also temporary.  I have to leave Neverneverland sometime to go to South America.

Little C.
4. The simple things- Sufjan Stevens concert, first (and probably only) half marathon, autumn, bible studies, making dinner with close friends, weekend festivities, 5k's with the padre, my kitty Avery, True Blood, etc.

Mint cream filled vanilla cupcakes
with strawberry mousse frosting
Ask me for the recipe/blog!

I feel my mind racing and my thought running at a thousand miles an hour to try to quickly allot my time to busyness, but then I realize how crazy I am.  I LOVE this time in my life.  I get so distracted with wanting something else that I'm blinded to the blessings I have in front of my eyes, almost slapping me in the face.  Stress, depression, worry, and apathy are only a signs of my weakness and lack of trust in the Almighty. 

Life is full of beauty!


LauraSniderPhotography said...

awww katie! this was a really sweet entry! i need to think more like you: appreciating all the great things i have. its funny that we are both approaching life changing experiences and kind of having the same thoughts. i miss u and love u! i am so proud of you, too! you are going to have such a great time in chile!

Katie said...

Thanks, Laura!! I love you more. I definitely have good days and bad days, but I'm so grateful for friends like you that God's given me!!! It makes bad days so much better!