Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free time.

For the past month or so, my babysitting hours have been severely cut due to the fact that Little B is off to preschool (or at least I hope so... I'm nervously laughing while I type this). I've been struggling - not necessarily financially because I've been rather miserly of late- but more with my lacking calendar. Since I work in the afternoon or early evening, you may beg to ask the question: what do you do with all that free time? The answer for you and for my own sanity is schedule, schedule, and more schedule! My philosophy on organizing is if it works it works and the more flexible the better.  As you can conclude, productivity on the level I'm currently functioning on is a little against my nature when the work is really optional.

Baking endeavors.

Besides baking, cleaning, organizing, moving, painting, studying Spanish, running, and researching, I've been trying to scrape together crocheted items to launch an Etsy account.  I had been considering it for a while, and why not do it? I can make room on my planner to produces some scarves and such.  I'll give you guys the details soon.  Has anyone ever sold anything on Etsy or handmade stuffs?

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