Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Hipster Halloween.

Thank you, Texas. It finally feels like fall. I'm ready to dust off the sweaters and wear cozy layers and drool over cute ankle boots I cannot afford. But most of all, I'm ready for the smells of autumn. I have received a general consensus from fellow fall-lovers that this season outranks all others when it comes to scents. Mmmmmm, warm cinnamon, freshly baked bread, pumpkin pie, steaming apple cider, and a crisp autumn breeze. I do hope that Santiago's fall mirrors my memories of those in the States (is it cool I say "the States," now?). Since I'll be arrive during their mid-summer, I shall discover the truth soon enough! I also pray that Santiago throws down a good party for Halloween in order to compensate for the mediocre-ness of this past weekend. Although, it wouldn't have been a Happy Hipster Halloween if it had exceeded any of my expectations.

Other than poking fun at the elusive hipster (which I, in turn, have also been accused of being), I have been preparing for my trip the past couple of days by ...

1. Being in contact with the director of the TEFL Academy
2. Creating a very rough monthly expense budget for Santiago - which has proved to take up more time than assumed (but we all know what "assume" does to "u" and "me")
3. Trying to write up a free online will in case things go awry South of the equator
4. And finally organizing my important papers like a big girl should have done a long time ago.

Here's the proof:

oh, sweet Jesus!
now, this is just down-right embarrassing.
what a helper - as usual
i heart you, $1.50 target box
next to Oscar where you belong.

Well, ladies and gents, I'm off to start my nightly routine.  Buenas noches y que Dios los bendiga.


Jesse Noe Mendez said...

Hi there,

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Y said...

HEhe your cat is so super cute! x

Katie said...

I love my cat! Thanks! :)