Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summary of silence.

I need to summarize the past few weeks of silence. And by summarize, I actually mean being concise.  No one likes drowning in line after line of mundane text. Let me give a special shout out to P!nk (or however, the heck she spells her hardcore name) and that gem of a song cycling on the local radio stations. I'll confess that I've been listening to mainstream pop for the past five or six months. Anyone can attest to the poop (funny, how it's only one letter different from pop...) on the radio, but usually I just laugh it off and continuing singing about how cool you look in sunglasses or how fly I'm feeling like a G6. BUT it wasn't Enrique or Katy who snapped me about of this funky rut, it was Pink's newest diddy that slapped me dead in the face. Honestly, I'm not sure which phrase I hate the most. It's pretty much a toss up among "what's the dealio," "don't get fancy just get dancy," "nitty gritty dirty little freaks," or "call me up if you a gangsta."  I have question: what the bajezus is a "penny snatcher?" All I have to say is please do party on your own. Not hating on Pink, just that horrifying jiggle. Besides inquiring about the vernacular of her single, it also caused me to ask questions like: WHERE IS OUR SOCIETY HEADING? And IS THERE A GOD? And IS THERE NOTHING SACRED? Okay, now I'm just being dramatic and a tad ridiculous. On to real life...

1! I'm seriously considering skipping my half marathon. I know "weak-sauce", right?? I've been sick and haven't been able to do any training in almost a week and a half. Not lying, I had a cold and then a stomach virus. My longest distance run has been a very slow 8 miles, and the race is in less than three weeks...

2! I have a little black book to keep my addresses in.  Isn't it cute?

I need YOUR address!
3! As I was leaving from Molly's house today, she handed me a travel organizer for my South American adventure. I was simply blown away by the thoughtfulness and the awesomeness of the gift. Can you believe someone thought of me this week? I've already started using it and haven't owned it for a complete 24 hours.


4! Jeez, I've been procrastinating like a mo-fo... fo real. I'm leaving in less than two and a half months and instead of organizing my room/more important docs, I've been scourging the Internet/blog-scene on how to backcomb my hair without ensuing damage. Although, I have made a smidgen of headway on our Argentine travel plans. I want to book the hostels by Thanksgiving which is literally right around the corner.

Okay, this is enough! I will explain the entire of my little facebook fast come next entry. I have plans for this blog, so you better start figuring out how to use RSS feed (it's simple) to following along. Commenting is easy to, and it shows me you're there, especially on the account that facebook is a no-go for the moment.

Muchos besos.


Anonymous said...

I love yo blog entries.

Katie said...

I love yo comment love <3

kirstyb said...

great post x

Katie said...

Thank you so much! <3