Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Day in the Life- Wednesday #1

Alright- Wednesdays are going to be a progression of pictures. Hopefully, this will prove more interesting when I'm in Chile, but a girl has to practice, right? So until the end of January, you're going to be stuck with these mundane shots of a poor graduated girl with a part-time job!

Today was a sleepy Wednesday with a serious sinus headache on the side.  Seeing as I had the day off, I planned to cross through many of the things on my ever expanding to-do list.  Seriously, it seems like the more time I have, the less I get done!

sleepy head. headache. 7:30am.

I got my Mac in from UPS this afternoon which only proved to be a distraction from my "to do" list. However, I'll consider transferring files and just trying to figure out how this thing works as an accomplishment.

can you see the foot print on the mac box?




I ran a couple of errands today, trying to make some head way on my Christmas list. I hopped in my car to Hobby Lobby to pick up some ceramic paint. Then found these bargain mugs on clearance at Ross. So, I'm in love with and all its talented artisans!  I was inspired by some shops to create my own mustache mugs. Can I say ironic? And need I remind you how much I love irony?

IRONY- weapon of choice

Okay, okay. I'm pretty bored with this post, too. BUT this will get better in time, I promise. Alright, one last photo. This is a treat. A macbook photobooth picture along with a "how to."

hott-with 2 t's, of course

How to Take a Hott/Haute Macbook Photo (ie. what I've learned from girls on facebook)
1. Find optimal lighting
2. Distort face such as pursing lips, squinting eyes, extending chin, etc.
3. Add some sort of cute prop
4. Make up, make up, and more make up for best results
5. The less it looks like the real you, the better.

Oh how I jest! On a more serious note, I've come to realize that facebook is a necessary evil. But it's definitely evil. 



Anglica said...

very sexy Mac you got there ;)

Katie said...

hehe! oh I think so, too ;)

I'm thinking that now I can look cool at starbucks now.

Abby said...

You're funny. Are you the Katie that sent me an email? Just trying to connect the dots...:)

Katie said...

Yes! Ma'am, one in the same! Thanks for responding!