Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rounding up a Routine/ Sunday's Summary #1

If you would have inquired of me six months ago on the subject of blogging, I would have quickly shot back a cynical answer resulting in a gigantic "NO" and "I HATE THEM!" Maybe I was thinking of the infamous "xangas" (haha- oh high school memories) or maybe I had just read some lengthy blogs of why everything sucks. I honestly don't know. Becaaauuusee... over these last six months, I have quite stumbled into some remarkable, bloggerlicious literature! Although I'm still paddling my way through the millions and billions and trillions of blogs, I've read some great posts and seen some great photos. So here's a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to the endless blogosphere. And let me say that me being a big time blogger and such (oh, sarcasm), I seriously heart my three little followers (not sarcasm).

Blog Update: In order to achieve order, I'm attempting to fall into routine postings certain days of the week. Aside from the (probably boring) exceptions, everyone likes photos including me so I'm going to do my best to post more especially when I'm reveling around Argentina and Chile. Ultimately, I would do this even if I knew no one read my little blog. I've really found comfort in typing out posts for my own therapy and "creative" outlet. I'm using "creative" in a very, very loose sense. haha!

Chile Update: Hostels are booked. TEFL deposit is paid. Grammar work sheets are being completed.  Spanish is being studied. Trip is being planned. Phew! Less than two months away. I've been making this hardcore to-do list that is almost two pages long, but I've been fairly active in scratching off duties.

Things I'm bringing (actually, I'm hoping I receive for Christmas via the parents):

For carrying stuff; for reading in ENGLISH; for walking/hiking/trekking

Life Update: Everything is great over on this side of the computer screen. I'm about to have a panic attack over the placement of my kitty, but I have peace that it will work out. Sad announcement: no half-marathon. In the near future, I will complete one! Aaaaah, Thanksgiving, how I love this holiday! I celebrated twice this year: once with family, and again with friends. It's weird to think that this could be my last Thanksgiving for a while. I made a conscious effort to dress for fall!

Finally finished the cowl!

Thanks for reading per usual- Let me know if you have any suggestions for routine posts!  A beautiful friend of mine mentioned I should do "meatless Mondays." I like that one a lot! 

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