Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Summary #2

Chile Update: I really wish I could update you on some Chile stuff, trying to stay true to my original intent.  I'm tossing and turning at night waking up to nightmares of dropping my kitty off at the pound. But other than that no worries or second thoughts.

Boring Life Update: This week has been rather lazy. And then lo and behold, I caught something nasty AGAIN! I've been super congested and coughy (is that a word, I think not) all weekend. There must be a HUGE neon red sign on my forehead that says "the system has been compromised."And "the system" being my immune system, of course. But, all is good. I know I complain about facebook... but I really dislike status updates letting everyone know that the user is sick. Even the little frowny face after "I'm sick" doesn't make me want to drive chicken broth to the house. Everyone gets sick just like everyone poops. And I don't see updates about that very often. "I just pooped :("

Laura's bridal shower was this Saturday.  AW! So sweet!

I'm wanting to fill my little heart with classic American Christmas memories before I leave for Chile.  I can check this one off that list thanks to Lace (and her mom's funds).  Oh, and we made these babies from scratch, even the frosting.


I'm looking forward to this week! Next Sunday I'll report some more interesting details.... maybe. MUahahahaha!


Abby said...

Kitty at the pound??? I hope that's just a bad dream.

Katie said...

oh yes, just a dream! She's currently trying to burrow under my pillow.