Monday, December 6, 2010

Meatless Monday #2

My brain seems to be functioning on zero at the moment.  I could attribute that to either the congestion or the meds....  All that to say, I pray this post doesn't run away from me. I'll end up typing incoherent words. Yes, I know that this is technically my first Meatless Monday post and not "#2" BUT that would mess up with the entirety of my post titles and then I would have to number differently each week and then what if I miss another post and then would I have to be behind on those forever and then global warming would make the oceans rise and the world as we know it would plunge into a realm of chaos???? AAAhh. Since I don't have a husband, kids, or a grueling full time job, I guess my mind automatically finds a way to worry about something.  Alright, onwards! [Thanks again to the friend who suggested Meatless Monday!]

This evening I made Winter Pasta as posted by 101 Cookbooks. Let me just say I LOVE this site! The recipes are simple, and I don't have to make a 30 minute drive to Central Market to find ingredients. Depending on the nature of the meal, I may or may not take photos.  Seeing as my camera was aaaalll the way upstairs, I opted out. The result was scrumptious or shall I say delish. It even looked very similar to the photographs which is always a pleasant surprise since that is not usually the case for my creations. Check it out! 

If you haven't already forsaken this post to look at the wonderful dishes and photos of that blog, then do it NOW!

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