Monday, February 7, 2011

Yeah, I drank the water.

I might possibly have a personality disorder. I talk about going to Chile for almost a year. I pay for a TEFL class. I take Spanish lessons. I buy a plane ticket. I fly to Buenos Aires. Then I freak out change my ticket to come back home in two weeks. The second full day in Buenos Aires, Lace wakes up to me crying and asking "POR QUE?? POR QUE??" And then I spend the next few days wallowing in my own self pity and doubts. My quarter life crisis is in full swing. What am I going to do with my life?Technically, I'm carless, homeless, phoneless, and jobless. Not exactly where I saw myself with I was a kid. But I should probably take into consideration that I was going to be an archeologist, married, and have a little boy and girl.... Hmmm.

However, despite my self deprecating cycle of questioning every decision I've made, this has been the trip of a lifetime. Although I would love to indulge you on our great stories of adventure in our short time here, I'm saving that for later. Why? or should I say, "por que?" Because I have a better schizophrenic announcement. I'm staying for at least one more month in Santiago. I can't cheat myself out of an adventure at the end of world. While Lace and I were walking (well, more like us being a little lost), we stumbled on a Spanish language school. I went in and talked to the managing director. And as of today, I've decided I'm going to enroll. Hello, Spanish intensive!

I'm sure I'll have more time to update later, but at this moment, I think relaxing by our hostel pool seems like a pretty good option. I still miss all my friends and family! You guys are always in my heart. Shoot me an email or fb message if you want a better description :)

PS. For you paranoid US citizens... I drank the water and ate the raw fruit, and I'm still kickin'! Oh, and I haven't gotten malaria or been kidnapped by a drug lord, either.


Abby said...

Wait, so you aren't staying? Let me know if you want to get a cup of coffee or a pisco sour so I can convince you about how great Santiago is. :)

Anonymous said...

I remember my own quarter-life crisis. Oh wait...that's because I'm still living it!

Update soon!