Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm currently obsessed with the following:

Walking- I've been so use to hopping in my car for the past million years, it feels so nice to walk out of my apartment and trek half an hour to downtown.

Juanes-  I'm convinced that if I listen to his YouTube station enough times, I'll be speaking Spanish fluently in roughly a week.
Why am I in Chile? I should be in Colombia!
Figs- The other day, my roommate let me taste a fig she purchased at the market. I had no idea what to expect. Let me say, it was nothing like a Fig Newton. Ever since, I've committed more than a desirable amount of free time to researching figs.

BBC News/ A few days back, I sat with a cup of instant (gross) coffee and scrolled through articles upon articles of what is happening in the world around me. Death. Destruction. Murder. Rape. Child Abuse. Racism. Nothing's really changed since the last time I had turned on NPR in my car back home, but none the less, I feel incredibly grateful for my current status and have a sense of what to ask of God.

BABIES- Whoa. I see/hear them everywhere, and I want one. My wanna-be independent nature is screaming "NOOOOO, way too domestic." My friend Becks definitely doesn't help with this either, seeing as we are equally obsessed.

Buying fresh produce- We walked over to La Vega on Friday. I didn't take pictures (typical), but you should google image it! There's a small fruit stand located a half block away from my apartment. So, if I'm not feeling up to braving the crowds and madness of La Vega, I can get my fruit fix close. Check out this fruit I bought at the market! It's awesome and called a physalis - yes, I googled it.

All in all, I'm finding my way around this city, slowly but surely. There's so much to discover!


Jo said...

alrighty... mr. guy is hott... and I want to try that fruit, altough, I have never seen it here, and I have crazi fruit stands... making me want to visit even more!

Katie said...

Yes. Juanes is super hot!!

You must visit. No questions about it.