Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's Grocery List: crackers, yogurt, wine.

I woke up with morning as usual to the sunlight and sounds of construction pouring through my open window. It's so strange for me to use the time expression "as usual." I made my newly habitual run to La Vega to pick up some vegetables. Then, I picked up where I had left off in "The Girl that Played with Fire" on my Kindle. After a long fight with the gas hot water tank, I showered, dressed, and scampered off to the grocery store where (don't judge) I only bought crackers, yogurt, and a bottle of wine. However, the point is not that I bought those particular items, it is that I knew exactly what type I wanted and I knew exactly where to find them. Well, I stood for a few minutes in the wine aisle deliberating over which bottle looked the coolest yet cost the least. (My method of choosing wine remains the same.) Nonetheless, my life in Chile is starting. The fourth of April will mark the beginning of my third month in Chile, and according to the specificity of my grocery list, I'm starting to get the swing of things. Don't get me wrong, everyday I am constantly reminded that I'm not in Texas anymore, especially not in Arlington. Plus, I'm currently working on finding myself a special Chilean friend to show me around the city... wink, wink.

One aspect that has propelled me to a semi-state of routine is the fact that I am starting to accumulate English classes. So far, I have three classes for a total of six one hour and a half lessons per week. Oh work, I have missed you! I understand that I am completely and totally in the honeymoon phase of my job, but in this moment, as of the last week and my "vast" experience of teaching 6 lessons, I'm loving it. It's new. It's challenging. It's rewarding.

In addition to my unchanging wine-choosing methodology, I am still as clumsy and absent-minded as ever. Sometimes when I am taking my 35 minute walk to downtown, I'm jolted into reality when I trip over the road and realize that I've been crossing streets, passing people, and dodging crazed taxis on autopilot of the past 10 minutes. How am I still alive?

In other new, Bex and I went to ViƱa del Mar this past weekend. So, I'll leave you with some pictures from our girly weekend.

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