Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bread Rolls and Toilet Paper Rolls.

And that would be my grocery list from yesterday. I'm incapable of purchasing more than three items each trip. As a consequence, I'm constantly trekking to the Lider. Exercise or inefficiency? You can decide.

Everyday, I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with this country. Where can you meet someone on the street and then celebrate their birthday with them the next weekend? Definitely not Arlington! Although at times it may be frustrating, the language barrier becomes a game. Between my Spanish and their English and a couple of piscolas or glasses of wine, we can piece together a conversation for the next several hours. To gringos living in Latin America, please use your Spanish to learn and communicate. Don't fall into the trap of living your life with a homogenous group of expats who have no appreciation for the beauty of the surround city. I'm baffled by the foreigner whose only experience with Chile is the empty box of El Gato wine on the counter after a night of binge-drinking without taking a single step past their doorstop. I don't want to stereotype my own people; however, the majority of Americans make it very difficult for me! Can anyone explain why so many Americans are uptight, serious, and prideful? They can be so easily offended and usually steer the conversation to some dry topic which its only purpose is to showcase their own knowledge of the subject. Fortunately for me, I have met an amazing set of fellow gringos! I'm sending much love their way.

Some photos from this week:

The produce here makes even my cooking look good!

Some aspects of Chilean culture I will never understand.

Riding on a rollercoaster in Fantasilandia. Yes, I'm upside down.

Because this is reassuring before you get on a ride.

Cheers to you with my PISCOLA!


Amanda Jasmine said...

Love this post!! Sounds amazing! Good on you for experiencing everything!!

You just made me more excited about my own trip to Chile that's coming up. Thanks heaps for posting!

Katie said...

Amanda! You're coming to Chile? That's awesome! I love it. I'm still new here, but if you have any questions let me know!

Amber Statham said...

I love reading your posts! I look forward to them :) It's exciting experiencing Chile through your eyes!

Ceri said...

I just found this blog and read all the posts. I love it. :D I'm so glad you're enjoying life in Chile.

This is similar to what I'm doing in November - I'm heading to Mexico to study TEFL. Then hopefully live for a while there as a teacher and make my way down to South American to teach. :)