Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year. 2012. Bring it!

I can hardly believe 2011 had gone, and 2012 has arrived. While I should have been pondering the lessons learned in 2011 this New Years Eve, I could only think of the adventure that lies ahead.  I'll admit that every time I hear resolutions, I scoff a little, roll my eyes, and then feel a little self conscious because I've considered the same ones but secretly. During my days at the Y's gym, I remember the rush of people in January and the dwindling around mid-February... not so great for my already cynical heart. But this year, defining all odds, I myself have made three resolutions. And no, I'm not going to post them. If I've learned anything from this last year, everything on the internet is public. And someone will most likely see it and most likely misinterpret it. I'm not ashamed of my resolutions; I've neatly written them and placed them in the front of my 2012 planner (which I will probably use for the two weeks - tops). So why make them? Well, I'm in the business of challenging myself, and I've already made quite a few challenges for the year. Why not add three little resolutions?

Known Challenges of 2012:
1. Traveling without a set agenda in February.
2. Volunteering on organic farms.
4. Finding summer job.
5. Moving to Vietnam.
6. Three Resolutions. (Here's a delightful article about why your resolutions will fail. Not for the easily offended. Thanks to my brother for referring me to this site)

Did I mention that I was moving to Vietnam? Fall 2012. I'll be joining some dear friends in Hanoi and hopefully landing a sweet teaching deal while enjoying the beauty (and humidity) of Southeast Asia.

Hint for one of my resolutions: You'll be hearing from me a little more often. So, I will expand a little more on my next teaching adventure and post about trips to Mendoza, Puc√≥n, and my visa process in Chile.

I've moved to Santiago. I've climbed a volcano. BRING IT, 2012!


Anonymous said...

My Dear Sweet Katie. My prayer is that God walks with you on your travels. Listen to your gut. God is probably trying to tell you something. I love you with all my being. Have a wonderful 2012.

Anonymous said...

The My Dear Sweet Katie comment is from GAMMIE Anonymous

Ceri said...

You're moving to Hanoi? Oh my gosh! So exciting! :D I'm so happy for you, hun. 2012 is going to be fricking awesome for you.