Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day in the Life - Wednesday #3

HO HO HO- How am I feeling?? GRRRREAT! Seriously, I'm not sick anymore, and I'm also not a hormonal, crazed, anxious psychopath (which I've been for the past few days). Wednesdays are days for me to get stuff done! I clock in three hours of nanny time, but the rest of day is mine. Sometimes this becomes problematic seeing as I am particularly fond of procrastinating. And every other thought racing through my brain is "oh, you have plenty of time." Unfortunately, that is not always the case. For example, I had "plenty of time" for a long shower, but by the time I jumped out, I had fifteen minutes to dress, make up, eat, and find all my stuff that I had scattered around my house the previous night. Here's some snapshots of my, uh, very interesting day.

*Note- I am not performing any particular exercise here.

Ah! A quick little work out. I haven't done anything too physical for about a month and a half. 

I attempted something new! One, I tried to cook kale (uh, giant fail since it turned out really chewy...). Two, I poached an egg. Fancy, right? Oh and this is my venture to make up for not posting a "meatless Monday." 

Alright, this is an instance where I acknowledge the fact that I'm a total nerd. I feel old and slighty... well, AWESOME because I'm setting up an IRA. Too bad, I felt like a royal idiot on the phone with the bank representative. These following words literally left my mouth "uhh, I'm like 23 and so I really have no clue what to do with the whole retirement fund thing." I am contemplating this hypothesis that suggests a correlation between the phone, my brain, and my mouth. Something is disconnected in the processes. Maybe the phone emits something electrical that tangles up my brainwaves? Do phones even have electrical emissions? Whatever, it's a real condition.

After babysitting, dinner, watching an episode of Parks and Recreation, I came upstairs to answer some e-mails, finally write some things in my scheduler, surf the web for gifts, and waste time ridiculing ridiculous facebook posts.

So how am I going to arrange my schedule for tomorrow? I ponder. Actually, I'm really wondering if I want to wake up super early to run errands before nanny time or sleep. What a dilemma!

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