Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Summary #3

Ah! So I finally broke down and headed to the doc in the box with my crappy insurance card in hand.  After shelling out a less than reasonable sum of money, I grabbed my antibiotics and began the blissfully quick journey to feeling better. The nurse asked me when the last time I was treated for a cold, and I replied intelligently, "uuuuuuuuuhh, at least over a year.... I think.... maybe." But then the rusty wheels in my congestion filled head began to turn, I don't think I've been treated with an antibiotic since I started college which would equal five and half years.  I'm afraid I feel a tad defeated, now.  Darn you, cold! And only three weeks until I'm placed back on my parent's insurance thanks to Obama.

Chile Update: I have a Spanish tutor! I'm really eager to begin our lessons. Tomorrow, I plan to call up my bank and ask them about a bagillion questions most of which pertain somewhat to my move. Alright, the glitter and sparkles of my dreams of Chile are starting to fade, and I'm seeing potential for things to go sour. I'm moving to a foreign country's largest metropolitan area. They don't speak English. I don't know anyone that lives there. I've never taken public transportation by myself (unless the moving sidewalks in airports count). And yes, that does worry me. But I'm genuinely excited about facing those challenges! Life here is so easy, too easy, and I'm going mad! Despite my foreboding nervousness, I have an underlying peace and confidence that this is the beginning of my independent adult life.

In general...

1. Anna and I decorated Christmas cookies this week.  Some of them turned out so adorable... and some of them did not.  Each time the opportunity arise for me to decorate cookies, I always conjure up some grand and elegant idea that is usually deflated quickly by reality.  Oh, and I totally created a zombie and mummy "gingerbread" man.  Blood is red, and rotting flesh is green.  That sounds like Christmas colors to me, right?

2. I took my friend Vinny (hehehe) to see the Nutcracker for her first time!

3. I'm trying to eliminate certain phrases from my speech. Those would include "I feel like" and ones such as "I'm not trying to be rude, but" or "I'm don't want to brag, but" or more appropriately "I don't want to be cynical, but."  Usually, what follows is rather unpleasant.  Either I'm about to make some overdramatic statement, or I'm about to contradict the first half of my sentence by saying something rather rude, self-centered, or cynical.

And 4. I leave you with a picture of my little brother.


Abby said...

Public transportation in Santiago is ridiculously easy. Well, at least the metro is. The busses take a bit getting used to but there is a fantastic website that tells you which bus to take depending on where you want to go.

Don't stress out too much! Santiago is a great city and you'll learn your way around quickly.

Katie said...

Thanks so much for the comforting words! I'm really excited for this change!